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Checklist for Dental Problems

A positive answer to any of the following questions could indicate a serious dental problem. Please see a dentist right away to have the condition evaluated.

• Do your gums bleed when you brush? (Even a little bleeding is not normal!)
• Are your gums red, swollen or tender?
• Do you have persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth?
• Do you have teeth that are loose or are developing spaces between them?
• Does dental floss tear or hang up on use?
• Is there any change in the way that your teeth hit together when you bite?
• Do you have areas where the gums have receded or pulled away from the teeth?
• Do you have a grating, clicking or popping sound in either or both jaw joints when you open, close or chew?
• Do you clench you teeth during the day or grind your teeth at night?
• Are you teeth sensitive to hot/cold, pressure or sweets?