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Dental Insurance

More and more of our patients are covered by dental insurance. With so many families having two working adults or blended families with stepparents and non-custodial parents, there are often overlapping coverage on spouses and children. Most of these policies differ in requirements, covered procedures and benefits. We recommend that all patients become familiar with the type of coverage that they have. To simplify the process for all of us, we have adopted the following policies.

1: We expect our patients to take full responsibility for the payment of our fees.
We will gladly bill your insurance company for you. It is our goal to maximize your insurance benefit and to minimize your out-of-pocket investment. If insurance coverage is in doubt, we will be happy to submit a "pre-treatment estimate of benefits" to the insurance company.

2: We can not carry insurance accounts indefinitely.
If an insurance company has not paid the bill within 45 days, the balance due again becomes the patient’s responsibility and is due and payable in full.

3: The patient is responsible for any difference between our estimate of insurance coverage, and the amount paid by the insurer.
Most insurance plans do not cover certain types of dental treatment. The common examples of these are cosmetic procedures; restoration need due to excessive wear on teeth, and procedures where the insurance companies feel a cheaper (not better) option is available. For example, an insurance company may make a benefit for a silver filling when a superior tooth colored filling is placed. Coverage is arbitrarily downgraded by insurance companies so that they can pay less benefits on your behalf. Our office can not predict when this will happen.