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Financial Policy

Time, skill, care, judgment, professional education and experience determine professional fees.
We are proud of our fees and know that they represent fair compensation for the quality of the services provided to our patients. However, when it comes to costs of any sort, none of us likes surprises.
We feel that it is important for our patients to understand our financial policies before initiating any treatment. Our policy is to tell you, in advance of any treatment, what your investment in your dental health will be and to make definite financial arrangements before we begin treatment.
Payment for any services is due and payable at the time the services are provided.
After your initial comprehensive examination, diagnosis and consultation, we will review with you our recommended treatment plan and its estimated cost. If you request, you will receive a written estimate of the services and their respective fees. We also will offer alternatives and their costs. To make payment as convenient as possible, we offer several payment methods.
We do not carry accounts in our office. We always strive to discuss these matters in detail and feel that financial arrangements made before the start of treatment eliminates worry on the part of our patients.
Occasionally, we may modify the treatment plan and its estimated cost somewhat as therapy progresses. This happens only if additional treatment or changes become necessary. We will discuss any changes in the fees with you at that time.